Shoei Showoff

Most people don't RTFM (Read the Fascinating Manual), but I, for once, decided to when my SHOEI RF-1000 Helmet arrived. T and I both bought RF-1000's because the fit SOOOOOOO well, but the cost in Canada was a little crazy. Luckily we found a fantastic deal online. Anyway...now the weather is cold, most people's lid visors are fogging up. Even with the good vents that the RF-1000 has, that doesn't prevent the fogging. Most people respond by opening their visor as little as possible, but that still lets in a gush of cold air and increased noise.

Shoei have combatted that with some visor control, shown in the images below. On the left of the lid is a little black plastic lever. With the visor fully down:
Moving the lever UP will LOCK the lid in the closed position
Moving the lever down will open the visor a VERY small amount. Perfect for de-fogging but not allowing too much air and noise in....give it a go if you own one !