Atv's in Cozumel

On vacation, having a horrible time being forced to play in the dirt and rocks of a very cold Cozumel. So what if it's not col and I wasn't forced!

Weather has been fantastic and any healthy eating I did before my vacation has been totally undone - oh well.

We rode around a ranch in cozumel and visited some Mayan burial and temple sites. The terrain was dust or rocks, seriously bumpy but a good laugh. There wasn't too much opportunity to "let loose" on the atv as this was a guided tour and in an area where one would tend to offer restraint out of respect.

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First Ride of 2009

DualSportPlus shipped my engine guards as promised. I popped in there 2 weeks ago, before going to Argentina, on the way back from a business meeting in Buffalo. I know what I wanted thanks to the power of the "inter-web" (that always make me chuckle). When I arrived at their Stoney Creek store they had sold out of the bash plates and engine guards that I wanted, but had received an order of even better bash plates.....a quick look at it ( it was the new AdvMoto stuff one!) and I was fine with it, but no engine guards - but the owner of the store said he'd order them and ship them to me free of charge because I'd already come to the store. As I said, they kept their word.

So the engine guards and bash plate have been waiting for me since I came home from Argentina, waiting for a day with temperatures above freezing for me to get going; and that day was today. A forecast high of 10 C (low of -1) left me confident that I wouldn' freeze when I started to do some Bike DIY !!!

Short of the story is, I put the gear on, a few pushes, prods, bruised knuckles plus one trip to Canadian Tire to get some blue Loctite, and all is well. So I'm elated with my DIY capability. Clean-up is done (to save the ear bashing from T), sun is shining - what can I do but take the bike out for my first ride of the year? Snow is still on the ground. I rode up to Wilcox lake (still frozen). My original intent was to just stick to the well paved roads, but as I headed north on Leaslie St. between Soufville Rd. and Bloomington Rd E, I was a dirt track heading off to the left, apparently it's a street, lol; well I couldn't resist

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Argentina - Buenos Aires

Tania and I are in Argentina. I was teaching here last week so T decided to take a few days and come with me, and we stayed the weekend.

Leaving today and will arrive back in Toronto with just in time to start work on monday morning after a We hour flight.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city. Lots of motorcycles, but I wouldn't say motorcycle "friendly" as that may suggest that the traffic was something other than an apparent narcissistic gnae of Crazy Taxi. Traffic here is very hedonistic... If there is a hole, put something in it.

We almost got scammed a few times..once by a cab driver whose rates were climbing too quickly, with no registration visible. We gave him 100 pasos to pay for the inflated ride and he took it then said he couldn't change it, apparently returning the same note. T had memorized the last 4 digits of the notes though and knew this wasn't the right one so asked for the original back. There are quite a few fake notes here apparently. That wa only a minor blemish on an otherwise fantastic trip.

I certainly want to come back and see more of the country, on 2 wheels !!

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