UnoTelly - Dynamo DNS with Windows 8/8.1 Country Changer

UnoTelly allows me to watch TV from another country.  There are many services like it, but this one is mine!  UnoTelly provides both a SmartDNS service and a VPN service to get you Telly from the desired country.  I've been trying it out for about a week and it has worked fantastically well.

One feature I really like is the Dynamo DNS.  It allows you to dynamically change your country without changing your DNS settings.  This is particularly useful for Netflix (among other multi-country services).  I have my √čntertainme PC"connected to my TV.  From there I run Netflix, XBMC and access webpages for various services (BT Sport etc). Unfortunatly, it requires that you log into a web page and change the country selection maually....well, I had to automate that didn't I!

Now I can just choose the country I want to be in from the start screen and the rest is taken care of (for Netflix only)!

UnoTelly have not yet published their API for Dynamo so this works by automating the actions a user would take using their webpage.  The users credentials are stored in the registry. The first time it executes the script will run through a quick setup to ask you for your username/password.

Installation Instructions:    (blurry youtube video available here:)


  • Your username/password is saved to your personal windows registry (HKCU)
  • This is not supported in any way - your mileage may vary and no warranties, expressed or implied
  • It's a combination of windows and *nix scripting
  • I don't claim to write "pretty"code...it's pretty much hacking away until I get stuff to work !
  • Code includes licenses as required by open source licensing (as well as original downloads) of:
    • CURL (http://curl.haxx.se/)
    • SED and depedant libs (http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/sed.htm)
    • Oblytile - windows start screen tiles


  1. Save the UnoTellyDynamo.exe to your computer [DOWNLOAD EXE]
  2. Right Click the UnoTellyDynamo.exe file and choose "Run As Administrator"
  3. Enter your UnoTelly username/password when prompted
  4. Go to start screen and enjoy

Less Easy:

  1. Save the UnoTellyDynamo.zip to your computer [DOWNLOAD ZIP]
  2. Right Client the UnoTellyDynamo.zip file and choose "Extract All"
  3. Select "C:\Program Files" as the extract folder  (** NOT "C:\Program Files\UnoTellyDynamo" **)
  4. right click start button and choose "Command Prompt (Admin)"
  5. type: cd "C:\Program Files\UnoTellyDynamo"
  6. type: nfchanger tiles
  7. type: nfchanger setup
  8. Enter your UnoTelly username/password when prompted
  9. Go to start screen and enjoy